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Growing up in Houston Texas in the sixties and early seventies was both nurturing and liberating. As a young person I experienced first hand the technological and social upheavals and breakthroughs of our time. Our public education system was experimenting with after school programs so in 1967 at Herod Elementary I signed up for art. By the time I was thirteen I won an Honorable mention in the District Spring Art Contest affording me my first class at the Museum of Fine Arts School. Previously in the basement of the museum itself, it is now located in the Montrose area at Sulross and Garrott. It became a hub of art culture where emerging and establish artist such as Arthur Turner, Susan Mans Dick Ray, James Surls, and Bert Long, just to name a few, were the artists in residence or instructors at the time.

As divergent and inclusive as my formative art education was my tenure at Kansas City Art Institute tended to narrow my focus to drawing and painting from observation.