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The Artist

Arthur_smMy art centers on the naturalist process of painting from direct observation. I work from drawings either on paper or directly on canvas. My subject matter revolves around the landscape and as of late the Cityscape. How light refracts and reflects off the building of downtown Houston has sustained my interest and curiosity.

Artwork stemming from people’s direct and honest assessment of a place or situation is a way for others to experience it, no matter how exiting or mundane.

The images I tend to focus on are the scenes and views I get to experience on a regular basis. Swimming pools (I love to swim), downtown views, park scenes, friends, students, even cemeteries. Most of my subject matter is arrived at through organic circumstances and happenchance. Little pauses along my path.

What my images mean beyond that, I’m not quite certain, although I’m confident that that too will come into view a little farther down the path.